Sublime Natural Beauty:

I’m sitting under palm trees swaying in an ocean breeze, with birds calling and soft waves rolling in and out.  My daughters are running around me in a made up game of tag-ball-hide in the hammock-climb on Mommy-jump off and dance.  My very remarkable, kind-hearted Auntie Brenda is sitting next to me enjoying a book.  […]

Seminar Week Three

We are now approximately 28 in the third week of the seminar. Every day is externally and internally full and its hard to believe all that unfolds in one day. While the group participates in various activities such as Movements, the children are usually playing nearby. As the days progress, the kids are remarkably flexible […]

Seminar Week One

Seminar in full swing.  I mentioned I may have to be brief, so here’s my “haiku” version thought thus far: The Group Ecstatic greetings Dance, hands clasp, feast of being. The becoming song. As for my personal experience, I’ve had a nasty virus pull me back into basically rest and recovery. I believe my corner […]