July 10, 2014: 11 pm, night before 9 am departure off the grid: Whoa!

Okay. It’s a full moon. Everyone’s a bit wacky, even if you didn’t add in the little piece about getting ready to leave tomorrow morning from Boston-Logan to Dominican Republic. Somehow we’ve packed and loaded into the rental van: 7 suitcases, one large drum, one piano keyboard..at the front door are the carry ons: One stuffed diaper bag, my huge purse, four backpacks, two mini-sized Dora backpacks for the girls, two computer bags, and one duffel bag. I think it’s gotten the girls a bit riled up to see empty drawers in dressers, and feel our anxiety leaking a bit through every effort to breathe and stay calm about basically everything.

Our dear, amazing organizer, Lisa, had a BIG job today, gently pushing us onward, and will have a bigger job tomorrow, cleaning up this ridiculous mess that is in front of me now. Lisa, I hope you have a very mellow weekend planned after tomorrow. I wish we weren’t leaving such a mess! An amazingly cool Mommy friend came knocking at our door at about noon today, bringing gifts and a huge bag of healthy, yummy food to share. She looked around and her eyes opened wide as she asked, with genuine kindness, “Let’s see…? .. When are you leaving?..ok, right, tomorrow..morning? .. Oh yes, you DO have a lot on your plates! Let’s see, (she pointed to her two sweetheart sons), “Boys? Let’s just spread everything out – ummm..here! – by the door!” She tried to make a little picnic space for us all to sit and have a little lunch but there was nowhere to sit that didn’t have a pile. So she tried the counter with the bar stools, and one of the boys fell over when he sat because there were so many clothes piled on the stool it tipped him back. Finally, she just gave me the biggest hug, a beautiful little gift that will fit in my purse, a card…and said, “Boys, we’re gonna go..you guys all eat..please..good luck…it’s going to be awesome!” She left enough food to get us to DR if we wanted to, and enough love to also help pull me along in some tough hours ahead.

I have to go to bed! Finally, after plopping the girls into the bath as quickly as possible and getting them somehow eventually to sleep..I just wanted to send out one more post. To this little baby blog I’ve started.

Really, to you. Whoever you are, reading this. Right now, it’s a bit like a feeling of jumping down a rabbit hole to get from where I am sitting right now, through the next 24 hours. 24 hours from now, somehow, our family will be laying in our beds in our new little house on the farm, telling stories and saying prayers and singing our songs of good-night. Somehow, knowing that you are reading these words, sends me a glistening tiny thread of “Hey! I’m with you!” that I can hold to as we head off-the-grid. Hey, I’m with you, too! As soon as Michelle fell asleep – finally – I wanted to come over and post one more time before heading off the grid.

Shedding a skin..embracing a new journey and adventure. Open eyes and open heart. Not in a fantasy that we are moving to Nirvana, but to a place we feel really grounded type of good about, for our family and us. I know there are challenges and all kinds of unexpected situations. That’s okay. I’m not looking for perfection, but my intuition is that we have found a good place to be. I’m ready to really root down in a good place to be.

And somehow, knowing you are reading this, whoever you are: It matters to me right now, very much. Gives me strength for the next 24 hours of getting from Point Cohasset to Point Off-the-grid. I WILL find you again, as soon as I can. Be patient if it takes a few days, and I’ll do the same. Thank you for being with me. As ever, I wish everyone peace, love, happiness, health, safety and goodness. And really, I mean, everyone:) xoxo more soon from off-the-grid…

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