July 14, 2014: OFF THE GRID!! PART ONE: Getting here

July 14, 2014: OFF-THE-GRID!!! Landing, Angels, Cockroaches, Wifi Cafe PART ONE

OMG OMG! So much to say and I’ve only got a little bit of time on the computer here in the local town at an internet cafe. We arrived Friday, and it’s Monday now…a thousand years have passed. So much that I can’t tell you in a flowing sequence: I’ll just post verbal snapshots of moments here that are LOW POINTS, HIGH POINTS, and generally MEMORABLE from many points of view.

Friday, July 11 departure from Cohasset: Overall image – We left our little condo in Cohasset at about 5:45 am and arrived at our new “casa” at the farm at about 8:30 pm.

Memorable moments: Getting 9 pieces of luggage, 9 carry-ons, two young daughters and us from point A to Point B. At security, because of our assorted liquids (Michelle’s juice, Sofia’s chocolate milk, organic food pouches, butt paste…) I had the choice of them opening all of them or being full body frisked. I chose the frisk, but I asked if I could at least be facing away from everyone. She said we could go to another area but I didn’t want to lose sight of Hubby and the girls since the girls eyes were fastened on me. I said, “Just have me turn w/ my back toward the people…uhmm..if you’re totally feeling me up, I don’t have a bra on and I’d rather not have everyone watching, ok,?” We passed, but for those of you who haven’t yet had this experience: It is pretty full on frisking, I recommend a bra next time.

Memorable moment: The airplane, after being two hours late, landing in Dominican Republic. So excited to see land!!! Wheeeee, I told Sofia to look out the window and we can watch the plane landing! We are swooping down toward the runway and suddenly, whooosh!!! back in a sharp turn and up, up and away we go back into the sky! “Mommy, where did the Donipican Unpubic go?” Sofia asked. Good friggin question, baby! “I don’t know, honey, I guess they need to come back down…” After the second attempt and failure, the man on the speaker explained that we needed to come back around again because there is some “contamination” on the runway they are trying to get rid of. We made it on the third swoop. Interestingly, the energy in the plane was as if we were all on a Disney Ride kind of semi-hysteria, versus full blown panic. Many of us were screaming in kind of roller coaster type of way. “Whoaaaaaaaa, there’s the runway, Sofia! Wheeeeeeee….!!” BAM major clapping from the group and we were on the ground!

High Point: Getting through customs with all of our 18 bags, piano, drum, daughters, us…Major High Point: Our friend from the group, Fernando, was waiting for us with his truck to pick us up. It was so nice to see this Angel appear in the crowd as we made our way out.

I have to stop here and if I’m lucky finish a part two…hoping to be able to post this now…In case it is several days before I can get back here, I want you to know…there are some very rough moments we have gone through, but most importantly, the knowingness I felt in my heart about coming to live here, is with me. It’s meant to be, and all is/ or in certain cases, all WILL, be well 🙂 xoxo to all

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