August 1, 2014: Part One About Jose and The Rainbow

Because of time and the internet, there will be several parts to this post…bear with me!

Jose is too significant to describe in brief, as I said. I won’t be able to accurately describe him in one – or one hundred – posts. If you’re interested in his background and some articles he’s written, you can find out more about him at In addition, he is hosting the next seminar at the farm starting January 23, 2015. It is possible to attend if you find yourself inspired and curious to meet him and participate in his group seminar.

My Hubby is the one that found Jose. He heard about him from a friend, followed up, and decided to attend his January, 2013 seminar at the farm. He took Sofia with him, while I stayed back in the US on a completely separate journey. Aside from having other plans, Michelle was also six months old and I had zero interest in traveling anywhere far with her. When Hubby came home, he was careful not to be too pushy with me in his enthusiasm, but I could tell he was pleased with what he had experienced. He softly suggested I might also like Jose, the group, and some of their practices, especially the Zikr that I wrote about in my previous post. I was happy that Hubby had a good experience, and also was somewhat neutral in my own enthusiasm, since I was so sleep-deprived and energetically pulled inward, kind of in a survival mode period. Kind of spiritually and all around burnt out.

Six months later, Jose was invited to host a seminar with another Fourth Way group that we were comfortably connected to in Massachusetts. The Camp Caravan group is a lovely, strong, serious Gurdjieff group in Royalston, which was a two hour drive away from our house. Michelle was six months older. I could handle it. So our family of four went to the seminar, where I first met Jose and his wife, and some members of his group that had joined him for the Massachusetts seminar… to be continued…

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