August 8, 2014: A Shade of Pink

Lots and lots to share, and not much time.  Yet Hubby just gathered Sofia and Michelle upstairs to the meditation room to create a bit of computer time for me.  Up there, the girls can peek at the kittens, drum, play with a special box of haphazardly attired Barbie and Ken dolls (this is very cool for them!) and bounce around on the meditation pillows.  It’s the room the group practices Zikr and other meditation exercises in, so it’s a good place to be.

Even though I’m surrounded by a green rainforest right now, sprinkled with crimson ginger and dotted with bubbles of passion fruit, I see a lot of pink.  It’s a pink kind of moment.  Jose and Katiuska arrived with their daughter Ana late Wednesday afternoon. two days ago (only?!).  In preparation, Hubby tried to finish putting together the tables from IKEA that we had bought, I tried to rearrange our kitchen around the table creating, the excitement and bounciness of Sofia and Michelle, and general bustling about.  Little do Jose and Katiuska know (unless they read this paragraph), just before they arrived, our house looked like a disaster zone:  IKEA boxes and packing material covered our living room.  I broke the washing machine door off its hinges while hurrying too much.  Hubby sweetly tried to maneuver a table around the kitchen and a jar of salsa flew off the shelf and – well, let’s just say the kitchen looked like a murder scene, complete with the weapon of shards of glass everywhere (is this a theme?).  Sofia was shouting over my shoulder, “Mommy! Mommy! Can I look?! What is all that?”  Michelle was screeching because I asked Hubby to get her out NOW while I cleaned up.

When they arrived, we had cleaned everything up, I was cooking dinner in a very peaceful, IKEA-looking, zen-ish mood type kitchen, Hubby had repaired the washer and picked up the debris from the boxes, and the girls appeared completely intact.  Unfortunately, they never came inside our house until today, when things had returned to their more normal state of chaos.  At least there was no salsa splashed across the walls and floor.

But about The Pink.  Here we are!  I mean, really, here we all are together at the farm for our first couple of days of settling in.  It’s the sweetest moment.  So many sweet moments, that everything is touched with the slightest tint of pink.  We all had dinner together in the gazebo, a lovely, open screened space looking out on the farm. 

A sampling of a few of many pink moments:

–Our passion fruit butter dessert  tasting:  Everyone unanimously agreed it’s fabulously delicious!  Maybe we can try to grow more passion fruit on the property;

–Watching Felipe say hello to Katiuska and Jose after so many weeks apart;

–Catching glimpses of Katiuska checking on her plants, her garden, her kitchen; Jose looks in on his fig trees;

–Katiuska went out and returned with a bunch of baby chicks to hand feed and nurture (antibiotic free!), for future eggs.  She “gave” Sofia the white one.  Sofia has named it “Michelle.” Sofia gets to hold the baby chick and watch over it.  She is supremely delighted.  (Two days before, Sofia wished upon an eyelash: ” I want a baby chick to take care of.” Wishes can come true here.);

–Catching up on simple news in the gazebo, while Jose and Katiuska rock in oversized, matching old-fashioned rocking chairs;

–Watching Katiuska and Ana ride Luna.  Luna is peaceful and nuzzling Katiuska, soft and inquisitive in a horse-y kind of way;

–Everyone spontaneously ends up in our house this morning (mess and all), and there’s some kind of combo fixing our sink, talking about business ideas for the farm (to be continued!), Michelle falls asleep in my arms, Ana comes in to hug her Mom…she wanders out;

–We all separate again, to various places on the farm – laundry room, baby chick cage, a house, a table…everything feels lively yet peaceful.  And in the coming together and moving apart, still, here on the farm, I feel that – pinkish tinted – connected-ness.  And a fragment – a glimpse of magic in the corner of my eye – I pause – ah, yes:  I can feel it for an instant…the farm whispering to its present and future community, promising its potential for a vivid life here in the rainforest. Wishes do come true here.

For the moment, sending peace, love, happiness, health, safety and goodness, to everyone.  Everyone.  xoxo

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