September 10, 2014: Pics and something special about an ordinary night

photo (4)Here are three more I wasn’t able to upload them on my own..two steps forward, one step back, such is life!  Hubby helped, but I keep watching and learning, wtf is he doing to be able to get these pics placed here?!?!  Anyway:  I took this pic above, over the past weekend, of one of the rooms here at the rainforest farm that is used during retreats and seminars.  There are a variety of rooms and cottages, and I’ve stayed in this one before, and love the outdoor walk to a private bathhouse; also love the view of oversized tropical plants waving through the windows:)

photo (3)There are a few “good” snakes living here at the farm.  They usually sleep during the day and hunt mice and creatures at night.  One of them recently shed his skin and left it on a path for Sofia to discover and present to me.  

photo (2)Snack time in the rainforest!  Felipe hacked off a chunk of incredibly juicy, succulent sugar cane from a nearby plant.  The girls took turns chewing and sucking up the sweet liquid hidden within the ropy fibers.

Last night – absolutely nothing major going on … Here is the scene at about 6:30 pm at our casa in the rainforest:

Hubby is diligently wrapping very horribly behaved plastic around several kindergarten books that we had to buy for Sofia’s school, per request by the teacher.  It took him about 2 and a half hours to do.  He sat at our Ikea table and cut and wrapped. Sofia and Michelle are sweeping the floor, finding very entertaining items to comment on – “A Weaf!” Michelle announces as she adds a leaf to the pile.  “Mommy, Mommy?!” Sofia calls out in excited question, “What kind of bug do you think this is?  A tick?  A baby cockroach?”  I, Mommy, calmly inspect and determine it is a tick, spray it with citronella and scoop it into the trash.  Mommy makes some lime-aid from limes, agave, ginger root, ginseng honey and two guavas that Sofia brought in from a tree.

About 6:45 pm:

Hubby/Papa instructs Sofia on her piano lesson.  She is – what can I say, I’m her Mom, but seriously – she is talented…she’s 5, and she’s reading the notes, playing with both hands, sounding solid and good.  Michelle is on Mommy’s lap.  We are drawing on a paper.  I started with the letter “M”…” ‘M’ for ‘Michellllllee'”, I tell Michelle, and touch her heart…she takes over…we are probably all left-handed.  She draws and draws, telling me, “A house…house…an M, Mommy I made M!..a doorrrr…a look-at-dis-Mommy, a hand!…a door..a house…a house…da doorrrr..” we draw on one piece of paper with one pen for the whole piano lesson.

What’s so special about this ordinary night?  We are just all together, being together.  There is no computer internet (we cannot access it from our house).  There are no phone calls or phone ringing.  There is no t.v.  No t.v. show, no movie, no cartoon network.  There is no radio, playlist, pandora music.  Occasionally we make our own music, singing or slapping cups on the table, or shaking a shaker from the toy box.

We are all together, being together.  An ordinary night with few electronic distractions.  The music of our own making, or nature’s answer to the dark – the river we swam in before dark, still in motion…bullfrogs…some insane looking flying flapping enormous bug at our screen window…Mommy’s brave heart beating as Papa inspects the creature…the girls gleeful laughter and shouts of delight at our life together…

And the happiness to shout out to everyone, for peace, love, happiness, health, safety and everyone…

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