October 1, 2014: Checking In!

Hi Friends, wherever you are….

Just for everyone to know I’m HERE!

When I have had some computer time, I’m working on the Eco-RetreatsDR website..under construction and coming soon! I can’t wait to show you.  Please excuse a few less posts here as I spend time at the website.  I’ll be back, for sure.

Our group met in the city on Monday night for the weekly meeting, and this coming weekend, we have a work weekend at the farm.  There is a sense of digging deep inward, to see around dark corners of the Self that prefer to stay hidden.  Who are we, really?  How do we spend our precious time?  How do we gain the courage, or fate, to see reality clearly, to see our Selves, unadorned.  Layers and layers of selves and Selves.  And nonsense, to wade through, to discover our truth.

Sorry, that probably doesn’t make too much sense.  It’s not really in my head, so it’s hard to put in words.  Maybe I’ll formulate more as I can.  But to say, that it is good – to dig in and take a new look.  Not easy, but useful.

On another note, or perhaps related, since it’s my experience:  I drove the girls to their school today, while Marin stayed at the farm.  When we reached the city where they go to school, I was at a traffic light and two men on motorcycles started pointing at me and making a sign with their hands, like you would use your finger to cut your throat.  Sceetch!  Like, “Off with her head!”

Take that moment.  It is a moment where I need to manage some rising anxiety and concern in myself, to become vigilant and to let go all at the same time.  And to figure out WTF is going on?  Why are they pointing and making the “slice your throat with your finger” sign at me?

It turns out my truck had a completely flat tire.  They were kindly letting me know my tire had died.  They pointed and led me to a gas station, where one of the two men on the motorcycle filled the tire with air for me.  Somehow we communicated that he thought I could make it thru town to take the girls to school and then find a place to fix the tire.

I called Jose several times through the process, since Marin’s phone was somehow not responding to my phone calls.  Jose spoke on the phone to a guy at another gas station, who then called over his buddy on a scooter, who then led me to a place that fixes flat tires, since the gas station didn’t.

There’s some really old fashioned movie, I can’t remember the name…but this line from it kept running thru my head this morning, as I went through the process of having the tire fixed.  It’s this kind of whispy, slight woman, saying in a Southern accent, “I’ve always depended on the kindness of strangers….”  (In the movie it sounds like, “Ah’v ahlways dapended on tha kindnahss of strangehs.”)

In my case, it’s utterly true.  The kindness of strangers today was phenomenal.  I love when we can experience that many, many people, when given the opportunity, will help you, even when it’s clear they could take advantage of you instead.  Heart to heart.  May we all be so kind when we can.  And to everyone, today and always, I wish you peace, love, happiness, health, safety and goodness.  Oh, and wherever you are:  Check your tires!!!

3 thoughts on “October 1, 2014: Checking In!

  1. Nice to hear you had a positive experience when you thought they were saying “Off with your head”?
    The movie was “Gone with the
    Wind” BTW.
    Don’t worry about when you can/cannot keep us trolls posted with your whereabouts. I follow you most of the time but I, too, do not always have time to respond and then the thoughts that were there are just ‘gone with the wind’!
    Oh fiddle-dee-dee…..

  2. HUG Anthony! And someone else wrote and told me it’s “Streetcar Named Desire” .. 🙂 Though GWTW sounds apropos too! Off the grid, off with her head, and gone with the wind! lol Much LOVE and thx for trolling when you can, it’s good to know you’re along for the ride.

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