July 19, 2014: A bat in the house, and bonding with Felipe and Rosa


IMGP0010As usual, this is written in a flurry. Maybe someday I can go backward and do some clean up.

I’m on a definite upswing from being sick. I’ve slept alone in the girls’ room this past couple of nights and Hubby has stayed with them in our room. It’s given me a chance to catch up on rest which was needed.

Sometime in the night, I heard Hubby get up and shut my door rather loudly, but I fell back asleep. This morning he told me he had gotten up in the night to go to the bathroom and felt a whooshing around him and discovered we had a bat in the house. Thank you UNIVERSE that Hubby had the encounter versus any of us girls. Thank YOU. He was able to guide it out, so that it could depart safely into the world where it belongs. How did it get in, and how can we keep them from coming in again, I have no idea.

When I was really sick yesterday and Rosa was rustling around, cleaning and cooking and watching the girls while I lay there like a puff, Hubby needed to take Felipe in our truck to buy more animal food. They went to the closest town, which is about 25 minutes down the dirt potted road. I think it was a time that they were able to have some good man bonding type of thing. They talked about animal food, the land, Felipe’s father who came here ninety years ago, which is impressive. On the other hand, Felipe was quite impressed that Hubby could drive, asking several times, “When did you learn? How did you learn?” Felipe’s abilities are amazing to us. I guess we can do a few things – such as drive – that are also cool to him.
In the meantime, back at the house, Rosa started mopping our floor, for which I was both a bit embarrassed but also truly grateful. I found one of the necklaces I had brought from home, and spent some time untying it’s fine knots. It’s pretty: A single, small globe created out of tiny aurora borealis
austrian crystals, it hangs from a tiny silver chain. I straightened it out and saved it until it was time for her to go home.

I went to the bathroom while she was cleaning, and – this is kind of weird but I just have to share, because it’s part of all of it! – anyway, I’m sitting on the toilet, and Rosa opens the door. I say, “Oh, yes, I’m in here!” Rosa says, “Ahhh..dah dah dah dah dah….” and instead of backing out, she rather, if you can imagine, backed on in, with her mop. She walked right over to me – our knees were touching – and she leaned in and mopped the shower while I went pee pee. I guess this is to say it was a combination of a “Letting go – get over it” moment mixed with “bonding with Rosa.”

At the end of the day, I brought the necklace to her. I held it out, saying, “Eta bien?” which I think in Dominican speak means something like, “It’s ok?” She said, “Si….si…” in a very simple way. I unhitched the back and put it on her, adjusting and admiring it. It looks beautiful on her amber skin. We pay her a fixed amount according to the local ways, yet my understanding is that it’s all right to give some gifts, just like they gift us with roots, passion fruit, and teach me how to hack a squash. And how to get over thinking I need to pee in private.

I realize now another reason we are here early, before our actual community is here. We probably wouldn’t have as much opportunity to bond with Felipe and Rosa in these unique ways. And as Felipe said when we first arrived, “We’re family now, too,” and so we are. They are a part of this living earth, coming and going, bearing roots and fruits and introducing us to this magical, mystical rainforest. Never once since I arrived, have I felt alone.

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