January 4: Rewind: Christmas Visit To Felipe and Rosa’s house; More pics

IMG_0389  I wanted to back up a week or so to include a couple more pics and stories.  I’ve told you about Felipe and Rosa several times, and they are very much a part of our off the grid permaculture life on the farm.  Every night that Jose and Katiuska are not at the farm, Felipe spends the night watching over the farm – and us.  Usually in the early evening, he hacks away at the earth and shyly brings some kind of root for us to cook, eat and share with him.  I don’t know all of the names in English, but often he brings plantains, or a starchy golden potato type of root, or one of our favorites that he calls, “Cacao” but it’s not cacao., I think it might be taro, as it is ribbonned with purple veins and begins to acquire the consistency of Hawaiian Poi if I cook it too long:  A gooey texture.  We share whatever we have prepared with him, and his presence is ever near.  Rosa and Felipe invited us – no, rather insisted – that we come to their house on Christmas day, so we did.  In the pic above, Marin is standing on their porch behind them.  Rosa had made a delicious stew for their family coming that evening, and they served us some at their table.  Rosa gave me a tour of her outdoor kitchen which simply blew me away:  She cooks over a fire that they make from sticks, truly gourmet local stews, soups and more. You can see the stove in the foreground of the picture below.  The kitchen is a wooden structure separate from their house, and in one corner was a small shelf that clearly held their most cherished dishes and glasses.  In America we say, “They are the salt of the Earth” and Felipe and Rosa truly are.  I can still barely speak to them in words but we speak often through the heart.


IMG_0459 IMG_0477

The last two pics are of Sofia and Michelle on our solar powered, 83 degree Christmas morning.  One of their favorite gifts from Santa were matching “Frozen” theme umbrellas.  They were SO excited when it rained a couple of nights later – running through the farm with their umbrellas, splashing through puddles instantaneously appearing in the downpour, both protected and soaked.  Sofia is tuning in more and more to the world of nature:  “Mommy,” she says, pointing to one of the mountains sagging from the violet mauve of an approaching storm, “Mommy, let’s go close the windows, it’s going to rain soon!”  or “Mommy, see the moon, night time is coming.”  “Mommy, see the clouds this morning?  They’re pink!  The day is here!”

May your day be pink, wherever you are, filled with peace, love, happiness, health, safety and goodness.  To everyone. xoxo

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