August 12, 2014: Super High Anxiety

Whew! Internal weather report for today:  I have a lot of anxiety.  This is not new.  Anxiety has been with me since I was thirteen, and probably before, although I don’t remember. Why am I anxious?  Why is there thunder in the distance right now, why is that rooster hoarsely crowing nearby, even though it’s […]

August 10, 2014: Only a Moment

It’s been hard to find a good, long chunk of time to write a post, and now is not a good chunk, either..I have six minutes before the wild rice is finished.  Speed-writing is not the best way to go unless sending an emergency message, which this isn’t. But I really wanted to say hello. […]

August 8, 2014: A Shade of Pink

Lots and lots to share, and not much time.  Yet Hubby just gathered Sofia and Michelle upstairs to the meditation room to create a bit of computer time for me.  Up there, the girls can peek at the kittens, drum, play with a special box of haphazardly attired Barbie and Ken dolls (this is very […]